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Pittsburgh SEO Lady, Where Ya Been?

Tweet I have been away for quite a while now and really missed adding new content to this Pittsburgh SEO Lady website. I’m kind of embarrassed that my last blog – How To Post Better Facebook Status Updates – was on July 11, 2010, but life gets like that sometimes. Yet, I am totally amazed […]

Pittsburgh Social Media Marketing Is Fun Business

Tweet Social Media Marketing has been a personal interest of mine since 2004. We did not refer to it as social media marketing at that time but there were the same strategies that current processes shadow as well as a series of personal Internet events that are vivid to me: Website .WS / Global Domain International business became […]

Over 70% Trusted Organic SEO Over Sponsored Listings

Tweet According to Online Shoppers Through Consumers’ Eyes, 70% of shoppers prefer the organic listings opposed to clicking on sponsored listings. Mind blowing, but true. As an organic SEO, this is just wonderful validation to me. I presumed that it was some staggering number of consumers that are tired of clicking on the affiliate links […]

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