Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is the process of marketing your business on the Internet (World Wide Web). It is a vast process that includes website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content development, social media marketing, web analytic, link popularity and more.  The concept is that by marketing online, we will increase exposure to customers that shop on and off of the Internet,  but some business owners question whether Internet Marketing really does help a Pittsburgh Business; especially one that is already doing well with local advertising?

Internet Marketing can improve exposure for your business. 

This is overall exposure (online and offline) depending on your Internet Marketing strategy. If your business is doing well through offline advertising, imagine how much more business you can get through the Internet (this include mobile devises / cell phones as well). The Internet is much more convenient for shoppers of all ages, and do not presume that this is a younger generation. Recent statistics have revealed that there has been a MAJOR increase in customers over 50 using social networks / social media sites and the Internet over the past few years.

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