Anyone that owns a business knows that there is one sure way to get the business exposure that you need; you have to advertise. This page has a list of online advertising resources: Classified Advertising, Business Advertising and Advertising Resources. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for more advertising resources!

Business Advertising (Online)

Social Networking

Although Twitter is used for social networking, branding and niche marketing, there are many Twitter accounts that provide advertising resources and are for advertising. In worse case scenario, getting a reply, retweet (RT) and #hashtags are advertising. There are Twitter tools / Twitter applications that are directories for advertising your Twitter. Most importantly, click on the settings link to access the page where you place your bio and website link. That is how Twitter specifically advertise you. Read Pittsburgh SEO Lady’s Blogs On Twitter.

Business Advertising (Offline)

Meetup is a nifty online portal that emerged a few years ago and grew like wildflowers. Although this is an online portal, the niche is to connect you with local Meetup groups so that you can network offline. Simply, set up your Meetup account, browse the online selection of Meetup groups in your area; agree to join a scheduled networking group offline. Stop back to the online Meetup for that group and network when browsing the site, too. Meetup is an excellent service for connecting with others in your local city based on interests, business and causes. For $10 you can establish your own Meetup. Sometimes, others will contact you for personal meetings, too.

Classified Advertising




Google Base


Kijiji / Ebay Classifieds

MySpace Classifieds


US Free Ads

Yahoo Classifieds


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