Internet Business Training

Over the past few months, I noticed that some of my online friends were struggling with Internet business strategies. They did not understand how to use certain programs and networks. They did not know how to market online. Once they learned how to position themselves on the Internet, they were stuck and did not know how to proceed with lead generation, increasing web traffic, content development, etc. If you want to handle your own Internet Business processed, make sure that you are prepared to wear many hats and understand that Website Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation takes time to implement prior to obtaining organic results. Plus, automation is a key component to achieving Internet Business success.

Internet Business Training

I am not referring to simply placing ads and spamming networks. Anyone can do that! These people had never received clear explanation in the areas that make their business processes as fluid as they should be. Some did need to improve their sales ability and dedication to their success, though most of these people did well with their offline marketing strategies. Regardless, they each needed some form of training to make their transitions complete.

Most people need a little help starting on the Internet, as well as personalized instruction until they are getting desired results. Instead they are bitten by sharks and left to bleed.

The whole point is that once we start business on the Internet, we all need to advance as rapidly as possible. A huge part of making a successful transition is get the missing nuggets of information when we needed it. This was a HUGE part of what I did over the past 5 years. I assisted brick and mortars with their transitions to the world wide web. I also taught customers and consultants how generate business once they were settled on the Internet. I may not know it all, but I like to help people accomplish their goals by providing this type of information. They say that I actually deliver the help they need opposed to confusing them.

Pittsburgh SEO Lady Internet Business Training

Lets face it! Not everyone learns by the same methods. We see this in our piublic educational system; it just does not accommodate the person. Most of the network marketing, Internet marketing, and work at home training programs are similar. They do not provide all that is needed to branch out as independently, rapidly and as thoroughly as needed. I noticed this is with my personal team members, as well as with Internet business partners that I have met along the way. Some people need one on one assistance for those specific questions and daily functions. They do not have time to read, research, market funded proposals, etc. They need to make money ASAP and want to pick up the phone or Skype for the information when they need it.

Help Getting Started – Help Moving Forward – Help Growing Their Business

So, I began providing resources and tools to help those that wanted to learn. Some of these programs came with excellent training from MAJOR industry professionals! Unfortunately, there were still a few issues for the independent learners:

Gurus provide the basics and want paid BIG for the nuggets.

This takes us only but so far and is often missing the clearly defined “meat and potatoes” that we crave and needs; especially when hungry for success and want to move quickly.

Step by step support and personalized attention is lacking; or again at a much higher cost.

– They did not have time to read and learn everything ASAP.
– They were not strong at the HTML for placing good ads and making webpages.
– They were are not confident in our writing abilities.
– They did not understand the back offices or admin areas of their programs.
– Creating videos, blogs, websites … was just plain frustrating.

Technical training was needed in order to access the trainings, tools and get results.


Pittsburgh SEO Lady Internet Business Training – Get The Help You Need!

Get the personalized attention you need and help your team members with Pittsburgh SEO Lady Internet Business Training. Just good old fashioned – step by step – training. Schedule sessions and secure on call support. Help by Phone, Webinar or Skype.

Pittsburgh SEO Lady Training

* Subject to availability.
* No conflicts of interest.
* Personalized support.

Leave me in a message in the contact section of this page (I will not post it to the public); I will reply with availability.

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