Google Offers Android App Launched

Google announced the launch of their Google Offers Android application today. The Google Offers app makes it even more convenient for Android users to shop and use deals through the Google Offers website and obviously potential to provide much more exposure for the Google Offer advertisers. The Google Offers application is currently available for 38 cities in the United States.

Not familiar with Google Offers? Watch this video!

Google Offers released back in June 2011. It’s easy to join and use; integrated with your Google Account like the other Google Products. Just subscribe at the Google Offers website receive deals – to your email or mobile device – from local business. You can take advantage of their deals by purchasing directly at the Google Offers website and they will email your confirmation with a link to your voucher that you can redeem by printing or through mobile devises / cell phone (now including Android app).

Google Offers sounds a lot like and does it?

Well, it is said that Google Offers is a direct competitor of Groupon and Livingsocial except some project that Google Offers has already taken the market and will continue to grow. It is my position that if you are a user or advertiser on Groupon or Livingsocial, that it only makes sense to give Google Offers a try and see if you like it . I found it aesthetically pleasing, easy to join and use. On the other hand, considering the time that it has been in “full swing” and that it is a Google product, Google Offers seems a little under developed at this point and the launch of this new Google Offers Android App will open the doors for more advertisers and consumer usage.

I think that these online deal sites are overlooked by local business owners and they should really pay attention. In this case, Google Offers has 2 major advantages: 1) it is Google for Pete’s sake. It was estimated that Google has over 4.5 million (closer to 5 million) users back in July 2011, therefore that is quite a potential market for companies advertising on Google Offers, though I haven’t found what the total number of advertisers on Google Offers, yet. 2) Again … it is Google for pete’s sakes … this means more reach for and from Adwords users. Google is great at giving free campaign dollars and using Adwords for their own program marketing.

P.S. There is rumor that Google offered $6 BILLION for Groupon -> Check It Out At CNN 

Using Groupon, LivingSocial and / or Google Offers for your Pittsburgh business? Leave a comment and let us know which service and which App you like best!


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