Twitter Is Over Capacity … Dirty Truth #1

Twitter Over Capacity

You will have to take this blog post with a grain of salt (not too lightly because there are valid posts) because I am rather disgruntled with Twitter right now. Most of my online friends know that Twitter is one of my networks of choice, but I am so frizzle fraggle tired of not being able to acces my account because “Twitter is over capacity” … AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN … I have run out of patience. This has forced me to start comparisons of Twitter vs Google Plus vs Facebook.

Twitter You’re Sending Us To Facebook & Google Plus – The Dirty Truth #1

Twitter has too many “down times” as far as I am concerned. I have been using the service since 2008 and have been forced to go to Facebook and other networks so many times; now Google Plus has me streaming when Twitter is cutting up. It is just frustrating … what’s a SEO Lady to do? What should you do when this happens?

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”

Fortunately, I learned to never depend on just one resource (Search Engine, Network, Website, Blog, etc) nor person … LOL :) In this SEO and Social Media Marketing age, you really do need to have access to all of your eggs at different parts of the day, week, month, years. Therefore, a few years ago, I reluctantly ventured over to Facebook. I hated it in comparison to Twitter (some still feel the same about Facebook). Now, I luv Facebooking and it is awesome for business. Regardless, the point is that Facebook became a valuable resource to me because, in 2008, Twitter had an outage that lasted too long. This year, I began using Google Plus when Twitter is inaccessible or Facebook has glitched out for the day.

Are you are sick of not being able to access your Twitter account because it is “over capacity” … AGAIN?

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