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Here’s some interesting news for YouTube enthusiasts and Google + addicts … Take a quick peak at the image below! See the grey shaded area that says Google Profile next to the last check box?  YouTube has added a Google Profile option in the Privacy settings; maybe to connect with YouTube friends at your favorite Social Search Engine (OOPS, I meant to say the “ONLY” Social Search Engine, but you know that I mean Google, right?).

Add Google + Profile to Youtube Channel

I noticed lag and glitches while working in a YouTube account today (I was uploading videos to an account and YouTube was deleting my list of tags each time I updated and saved video settings). I started looking around to see if there were any changes that would indicate that it was YouTube and not my channel account, Internet or computer. This is when I came across this “Google Profile” addition. I have checked everyone’s YouTube Channels and this Google + feature is not working, yet, but I am sure that it will soon.

How to add your Google Profile to your YouTube channel?

1) Click your name in the upper right hand corner of your YouTube Channel.

2) Click the Settings link.

3) Click the Privacy link (5th link in menu on the left hand side).

4) Scroll down and click the Google Profile checkbox.

5) Click the Save Changes button.

That’s it. You’re set. Once Google / YouTube activated that feature, your channel should show that link.

This new YouTube feature may not be a HUGE deal to you, but I get super excited about Internet marketing automation, therefore I would also LOVE the ability to put embed videos from my YouTube to my Google + profile opposed to having to upload videos (usually the same ones on the Youtube) to the Google + profile opposed to pop them up there as Posts. Hopefully, they will activate this soon.

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