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Google created quite a “buzz” when it launched it’s social stream called Google Buzz on February 11, 2010. Within a few weeks of launching, it posed privacy / security concerns to household Google users as well as excitement in shrewd business owners and Internet Marketers worldwide. It integrates with Gmail email accounts, Twitter, WordPress, mobile web services … though Google Buzz has still not received the social media marketing welcome that we expected for the launch of a Google product.

“To Buzz or not to Buzz?” is the question that Pittsburgh SEO Lady asks business owners and consumers throughout the nation. Are you buzzing or opted out of this Google product? If you do not know how Google Buzz can help your Pittsburgh business marketing, start with this Google Buzz video and then read the information below to get the why, how and integration information!

What is Google Buzz? How can I get it?

In 2009, Matt Cutts announced their intention to launch and update of their search engine with an algorithm called Google Caffeine. Google scheduled implementation of Caffeine for after the holidays and began incorporating pieces of Google Caffeine at the beginning of 2010 and then stopped (so we thought). SEO and web professionals were thrown for a loop. We waited and then watched for new changes to the Google Search Engine. During this time, there was a demonstration of a potential new email platform called Google Wave as well as an alert for something called Google Buzz each time we logged into our Gmail email accounts. Eventually, we started clicking the accept button, and clicking on a “Buzz” link in our Gmail accounts, to access the Google Buzz module. The next step was to complete our Google profile pages (like we do for Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin). It was exciting to see how our Google profiles automatically detected our websites and that we could see profile information, Tweets and articles in the Google Search Engine results.

You can access Google Buzz directly from it’s website address:  or the left hand links in your Gmail account and Google Profile page.

Google Buzz is what makes their search engine a “social network” for Google users. It is a social communications module that is more apparently interconnected with our Google Profile / Google Local / Google Maps / Google Caffeine / Google Knoll services.

How to use Google Buzz?

Some use Google Buzz as a social network to connect with friends and colleagues; just as they use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, etc. Others use Google Buzz to communicate information about their business, services, products, informationals, etc. You can use Google Buzz just as you would any other social networking site, though it works more like the Dashboard / Status Message area of a social network opposed to having all of the other features expected (groups, forum, etc) … kind of like Twitter where the applications are external though integrate.

Can other people access my profile and list of contacts?

Yes and No. You can set your account, so that your followers are not visible. If you do not limit your information, then all will show.

The plus is that you can have more than one Gmail / Buzz account, so you can separate your private and business networking needs.

How can I integrate it with other social sites and resources?

Scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see a blue icon with the rainbow BUZZ  logo? This is an example of just one resource that integrates with Google Buzz. On the other hand, if you add your Twitter link to your Google profile and then make it viewable in your Google Buzz … your Twitter will feed into your Buzz as well.

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