Social Media Marketing – Advantages & Disadvantages

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an Internet Marketing strategy where you promote your business and yourself through social sites, videos and interaction with members of target communities. While I would love to claim that there are only advantages to social media marketing, the reality is that there is good and bad in just about everything in life. Why should Internet Marketing be any different? This blog post discusses the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing. This blog post was inspired by my recent interview Kelly Thomas at the The Northside Chronicle. Thanks!

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Social Media Marketing Advantages

1 – Social Media Marketing is a FUN way to do business.

2 – It is a cost effective “Internet Marketing strategy that can create viral results.

3 – Companies have the ability to make “social” connections with consumer markets.

4 – It drives traffic to your website, blog, articles, etc.

5 – The traffic results in website links, blog comments, lead generation and sales conversions.

6 – Social Media marketing expedites online brand development.

7 – Major social networks integrate with one another, blogs, widgets and other social sites.

8 – You have the ability to immediately educate a larger public about your industry & business.

9 – Social networking is just as effective as offline networking; like speed dating if you do it right.

All of the advantages can result in rapid viral exposure that increases search engine rankings, leads / sales and your overall popularity off and on the Internet.

Social Media Marketing Disadvantages

1 – The wrong online brand strategy could put you at a viral social disadvantage (“put foot in mouth”).

2 – Social Media Marketing is more time consuming than companies expect.

3 – You need to interact on point at each location, though can automate some of the SMM process.

As you can see, the advantages of social media marketing certainly out weight the disadvantages, though if you choose to social seo or social marketing “blindly”, you will always be at a disadvantage while your competitors experience the advantages of social media marketing.

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