Social Media Marketing – Youtube – To Have and Have Not

If it had grown up, it would have made a dreadfully ugly child;
but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think. ~ Alice in Wonderland

In this social “Wonderland”, some companies will stretch the online marketing to the limits and others will remain small oysters; improved Social Media Marketing STRATEGIES are essential in this 2010 year. Is your Pittsburgh business preparing for the Google’s Social Search Engine? I’m not sure about that … Let me tell you how I know!

I recently started the @leacharlton Twitter.  As I was adding a few friends, it was disappointing to see such a small increase in Pittsburgh Business Twitters from the last time I posted. Meanwhile, have you used Google at all this month? Did you see tweets scrolling in the search results? Maybe I should have explained the importance of Twitter in our native Pittsburghese …

“Ya’ gotsta to use Twitter, Pittsburghers … Yinze need it for Google Caffeine”. :)

In case you have not noticed, there have been a few changes in Google. They have added the Twitter feeds and PR links to their social search engine. If you type in a person’s name, you can see their Google profile page at the bottom of the page (if they created it). As always, Youtube videos are spotted in plain view …

Since Twitter is still not considered a Pittsburgh Business “need” … I headed on over to Youtube this morning thinking that just maybe Youtube could be your Jabberwocky … ?

While browsing though Youtube, I came across one of my favorite videos and tweeted it in the Beyonce Twitter trend. Who would have imagined that this little @babycory would have 8,152,102 Youtube views since January 26 2009 while a similar video is tagging far behind at 872,852 views since September 28, 2009.  Guess he needed this “Mad Hatter” to show him how to strut his tard (10,917,518 views in a a year) and get Beyonce to bring him out on stage, too. None have surpassed the success of the  fresh face at Pomplamoose Music. She is kicking Single Ladies at 3,063,785 views in just 4 months.

So what does this mean? 1) hit song by Beyonce, 2) Youtube babies,  3) Youtube clowns 4) Youtube talents and Pittsburgh SEO Lady preaching, yet again, about why you need to gear up your “social media marketing” strategies?

Well, first of all, this @PghSEOLady was grinning like a “Cheshire Cat” while watching all of these Beyonce “wannabes”.

Yet, watching a chubby man in leotard proudly flaunting his “stuff” can NEVER compare to watching the diapered bottom baby giving Beyonce a run for her Youtube popularity. It is not quite the same; even when comparing them to the super suave “Caterpillar”, Shane Mercado. He is well over a million views for the year and showing up as #1 (above the Diva herself) as I venture from Google to Youtube with search sting, “beyonce single ladies + youtube”. That is just an incredible “boo boo” by the Beyonce marketing team …

The Queen should say … “off with their heads”! :D

Regardless … even little single ladies can receive 10,9973 views in 6 days just for riding off the TOP 10. Although this may not be the most entertaining video, their mama stays on point by protecting these “red roses” by only permitting their own video responses. You have got to see their video titles, “Kat Dennings – OMG We Meet Again!” — This Mugglesam team has it “going on”. But … who is their Papa?



In social media marketing, it is about whether you are ”to have and have not” when it comes to Youtube video marketing for your Pittsburgh business. Whether choosing the perfect Top 10 song, artist, man or child … you can have video marketing success … start by using someone elses Beyonce video :)

The following is one of my favorite Youtube Videos / Celebrity Videos.

This particular one is of my son (Jonny MJ Charlton). He is dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean in the computer / storage room :(  at “the Florida water front rental” (will have to blog about this monstrosity one day).

What do you think? Should I have him create a Beyonce video, too? :D

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