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When Matt Cutts anounced Google Caffeine, I was one of the 1st to dance a jig in support of the search engine changes. I am a firm advocate of companies utilizing more social media marketing strategies, therefore their talk of speed and integration was exciting. I had been watching Google and tracking potential changes as we approached the holiday season, though was able to rest assured after finding Matt’s blog post starting that Google Caffeine would launch after the holidays.

I remember what it was like to spend the holiday season making site updates. This was a few years ago and numerous business owners were disappoint by how selfish Google was to hurt their business with updates at that time of year.

Regardless, here we are in the 2010 New Year and I am now realizing that Google was making changes over the holiday season. The obvious was the addition to Google Webmaster Tools …  now webmasters can report duplicate content and keep “tags” as “follow” with confidence. There were also  subtle tests in the SERPS that presented no major disadvantages at that time.

The following are examples of what I noticed at the end of 2009:

  • Google Wave sturred excitement and clouded our attention to Caffeine tests.
  • Users bumped into Tweets every so often and then they disappeared from the SERPS.
  • There were more dramatic cross browser inconsistencies in Google rankings.
  • Pages with quality content and excellent Google rank were affected this week.
  • Pay Per Click results and rotations were not as refined.
  • Some social sites were not proving the same seo advantages.
  • Google is reminding users to set up profiles at the bottom of the SERPS.

I am currently switching over a website that has been geo-targeted for the past 5 years. It ranks unaffected for those terms although the site is no longer focused for those keyword. The “best” was when Google read and updated the SERPS with the new homepage Title, Description and rank.

A few hours later the website was back in the previous position and with the original geo-targeted tags.

I really thought that I was going to loose my mind after that last one. Perhaps, I am loosing my mind right now because I think that Google needs to “slow their role” and communicate more about what we should expect and prepare for once the Google Caffeine Launch is in full effect. Lets forget about wasting time discussing their upsale Google phones and realize that they are turning this search engine into one of the most incredible social sites at our  expense.

Think about it! Would you rather have consumers access your Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and reading content from YOUR OWN WEBSITE or from the search engine? Just as there are only 10 organic listings, there are only going to be a certain amount of natural “coffee beans” in the Caffeine SERPS.

So, what is this … Google Caffeine?

This is going to be one  incredible social sites / search engine.

We would not expect anything less from the Google innovators – you better get ready!

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