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I think that Blogging Communities & Social Networks that pay are just as AMUSING as a first page Google rankings. Many are search engine friendly, easy to use and are filled with members that are eager to make money. I am always eager to participate in a new launch (fun fun fun) … this blog post explains why and which are the top networks that pay.

What is a social network that pays?
A social network or blogging community that pays is exactly what it states. It is a networking site that either pays money, points, prizes, advertising, etc to the members that use it. They often target niche markets.

How can they afford to pay members?

Most networks that pay cash depend heavily on advertising revenue to pay their members. Some use affiliate links and pay per ads. Others sell advertising to their members and / or companies that are outside of the network. They split the profits with the users based on their usage, referrals and other activities. Points have become a popular form of payment. There are even social networks that pay with the focus on helping the members become more knowledgeable on how to manage finances. Most that pay require a certain level of activity in the network.

What are the advantages of social networks that pay?

- Fantastic for recruiting job seekers and opportunists.
- Helps build lists that you can transition to other sites.
- Free advertising / exposure for your business.
- Easy to build a following / rapid online branding.
- Make money from the network and what you market.

What are the disadvantages?

If not properly launched and controlled, social networks that pay:

- Can become saturated with spammers.
- Have good intentions, though never fully launch.
- Disappear from the Internet or fizzle down.
- Some never end up paying cash earned.
- Many require a usage commitment.

Which are the top social networks that pay?

Pronounced “so cool”, this social site that pays is making it’s “claim to fame” as being like Twitter though better … because it pays. This is really a fun environment with lots of advantages. Sokule does pay each month (even if just a few dollars earned) and to




Which are the best Blogging Communities that pay?



How can I start my own social network?

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