10 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

What comes easy to some, does not come easy to most. Many thanks to Kevin Rose for seeing the need and creating this video called: 10 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers. Getting more Twitter followers is sometimes as easy as narrowing your niche or following the right Tweeple, but if you want to build lists like @ViralMarketMom or event this newer @PghSeoLady Twitter, then you need to learn how to increase your following and how to communicate on Twitter in order to obtain desired conversions (more friends, web traffic, sales). Watch this Twitter video to learn more; notes are written below it.

As per the request of the comment below by Sohel Rana, I am going to break this video tutorial into text (in case you cannot see this). Thanks so much for the suggestion, Sohel 🙂

10 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers by Kevin Rose

  1. Retweeting – explain to your followers what Retweeting is and encourage them to retweet your links.
  2. Fill out your bio – @replies have no weight if people do not know who you are.
  3. Links to your Twitter – put links t your Twitter everywhere (Dogg, Linkedin, Facebook, Blog, etc)
  4. Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them.
  5. Bring your Twitter account into the physical world (business cards & offline marketing).
  6. Take pictures – Pictures are heavily retweeted.
  7. Start a contest – This will add 1000s of followers.
  8. Follow the top Twitter users and watch what they tweet.
  9. Reply to / get involved in # Hash Tag memes (Twitter trends is good).
  10. Track your results (Twitter Counter is a good resource).

I hope this has been helpful to new Twitter users or Tweeple needing ideas on how to increase Twitter Followers. Once you learn how to use Twitter and what Twools are helpful, it is an awesome marketing resource.

Want a good start? Follow these Tweeple: @PghSeoLady (4602 followers) and @ViralMarketMom (25,606 followers)

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