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Setting Up | Twitter Business Marketing

Tweet Pittsburgh Business Twitter & Personal Twitter Accounts Create a Personal Twitter that uses your desired keyword / keyword phrase. Create a Business Twitter with your company name or desired keyword / phrases. * Make sure to use different email addresses per account or you will not accomplish this goal. The next step is to […]

Social Networks That Pay & Blogging Communities

Tweet I think that Blogging Communities & Social Networks that pay are just as AMUSING as a first page Google rankings. Many are search engine friendly, easy to use and are filled with members that are eager to make money. I am always eager to participate in a new launch (fun fun fun) … this […]

10 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Tweet What comes easy to some, does not come easy to most. Many thanks to Kevin Rose for seeing the need and creating this video called: 10 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers. Getting more Twitter followers is sometimes as easy as narrowing your niche or following the right Tweeple, but if you want to build […]

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