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As you progress in developing Twitter marketing strategies for your Pittsburgh business, you will find that it can become work. Although twitter is an enjoyable social network and marketing tool, it can become extremely time consuming; especially with the blocking some of the popular automation tools that we have grown to love.

Twitter is also not like other social networks. It does not have the on-site conveniences of blogs, groups, pictures, video uploads, classifieds and forums. Twitter is a social / micro blogging platform which means that once you post your 140 status messages and / or reply to others, it appears that there is nothing more to do. Lucky for us, many talented programmers have developed applications that we call Twitter Tools or Twitter Applications. These resources provide the convenience and user capabilities that make Twitter an even more effective social media marketing platform. The following is a list of popular Twitter Tools that will help you organize, automate and communicate with Followers. Twitter SEO Marketing & Twitter Social Marketing is extremely beneficial to you.

Twitter Applications That Make Pittsburgh SEO Marketing Easier

When a Tweet is too short and a blog is too long, Twitwall extends that 140 character message for you. You simply login with your existing Twitter user name and password, and create mini blogs that can automatically post as links to your Twitter. Your Tweeple (Twitter Followers) will have the ability to comment on your posts. They can retweet the links for you, too. Twitwall is a very easy to use and helpful Twitter application.

TweetLater is a trusted and popular Twitter  tool. You can add several Twitters to a free account. The service automates some of the functions that become more difficult to manually control when a Twitter has become large or for business marketers that would prefer to schedule Tweets,  immediately follow or unfollow, Direct Message (DM) new followers. You can also track keywords, track stats and manage multiple Twitter accounts.

This is a your personal browser that connects with your contacts on Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date. You can place activity in columns, groups, save searches and get automatic updates. Tweetdeck  helps you keep up to date with your followers and friends lists, tweet, share  photos, videos or links. This is an Adobe Air application.

If you have chosen not to automate your Twitter activity with a more sophisticated tool, Huitter has a module called Mutuality. The Mutuality feature helps you keep Follower ratio by helping you to follow all that are following you, unfollow those who are not following you or clear your list completely. Although this Twitter tool is not the most glamorous, it works well and even has a field where you can add certain keywords that filter who you follow or unfollow. Huitter has a few other features: 1) Gtalk2Twitter – post your Google status to Twitter, 2) Message Cleaner – cleans you DMs, 3) Create an RSS of a Twitter users messages and 4) Microsites – build a site that will display the status updates of your Twitter users list.

Make Money With Twitter OR Advertise Your Pittsburgh Business

The following are applications that you can use to make money with Twitter or use for your own low cost advertising.



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Twitter Toys / Interesting Tweeple

Twitter Toys Applications


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