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Here is a list of Twitter applications and accounts that I call, “Twitter Toys”. They have no necessity for consistent use; though some you could use to extend your Twitter marketing efforts. Most are just fun and provide information about Twitter, Monetization and Tweeple.

Cool Twitter application that shows us the Actual Twitter speed (in tweets per minute) This is what the script looks like:


@HashTags – This is a groovy way to extend your reach on Twitter. Follow @Hashtags on Twitter and you are automatically connected to the community. Next, write a tweet and place #hashtag in front of a main subject / keyword or two (ex: #Pittsburgh), and your post will show on the Hashtags website with potential for any of the 105,050 users to see. This is perfect for reaching and intentionally connecting with target markets.

@TweetingBar – If cats can tweet, why can’t taps? We created an apparatus that tweets each time a beer is poured – and reminds you when it’s time to refill the keg.

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