Pittsburgh Business Owners, Are You Using Twitter?

In 2007, Rand McNally’s “Places Rated Almanac” ranked Pittsburgh “America’s Most Livable City” for young professionals. In 2009, Pittsburgh was #6 of the “Ten Cities For Job Growth In 2009” by Forbes.com and are now #29 of the world’s most livable cities (making Pittsburgh #1 Top city to live in the USA) by The Economist (British Magazine). With the casino opening soon, Pittsburgh business appreciates this exposure, though there are ways that we can develop our own exposure. This blog features one.

Speaking of exposure …

How About Twitter Marketing For Your Pittsburgh Business?

Although Pittsburgh is a city that is that has been voted as most “livable” and expect to experience economic growth, Pittsburgh businesses are poorly represented in the social media arenas; Twitter specifically for this post. If you spend just a few minutes on Twitter to see how your Pittsburgh business would compete, I assure you that it would not take long to learn if a particular Pittsburgh business is using Twitter, and whether they are using it to it’s phenomenal social networking capabilities.

Pittsburgh Business Is Poorly Represented On Twitter

It is quite a shocker to see our sports teams bursting with Followers, though at less than the “marketing gurus”. Larger companies have just a few Tweets and followers, and the Marriot Pittsburgh has under 100 followers to date. The Pittsburgh Trib has less than 4000 followers today.

Let me tell you why it is this way … Sports fans will follow without expecting a follow back. Your prospects, general followers and Pittsburgh Business owners are not as likely. Not following is poor Twitter etiquette and stagnates your social media marketing. The fact that Twitter experienced 1,382% growth from 2/2008 to 2/2009 IS HUGE potential for your Pittsburgh business. You should really take advantage of this resource and learn how to reach out to your customers through social media.

I am not saying that you need to follow everyone. In fact, with all of the wanna be porn stars and Twitter spammers it is not to your benefit to “auto follow” from a Twitter application nor add Tweeple that just have one post or are not family friendly. They will eventually get suspended and this does affect your follow ratio and social media optimization. On the other hand, lets go back to the SEO basics and think about quality relevant link exchanges and consider that concept just a bit. It does apply to Twitter as well.

As the friendly and tight knit city we are, one would presume that we would support and network with one another a little more closely online as we would do offline as well. Twitter does expedite that viral networking capability. But the fact of the matter, and what I noticed with my Pgh Seo Lady, it is really hard to develop a Pittsburgh niche Twitter because a lot of the businesses do not find it necessary to follow back or communicate¬† … What the heck! It is a social media platform – WHY BE A TWITTER SNOB?

Twitter is just one example, but a start at getting more exposure for your Pittsburgh Business and should be part of your Social Media Marketing Strategies. Twitter is the #1 utilized social media platform – Facebook is #4 – you should have this easy to use and quite effective social networking / micro-blogging platform as a notch in your business belt.

Connect with Viral Marketing Mom
(a few months old and my free for all Twitter)

Connect with Pittsburgh SEO Lady
(new Twitter to connect with Pittsburgers).

Once you understand how to use and take advantage of any external Twitter applications that will help you maintain your account / foster relations for your business, you will see why so many companies are turning to Twitter as part of their social media marketing and social media optimization strategies.

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