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There are numerous blog theme styles for WordPress and Blogger. Simply place a search in Google or Yahoo for “free blog themes”, “blog themes” or “blog templates” to find popular resources. Place a search for more specific keywords such as “free WordPress themes”, “blogger templates”, “free Blogger themes”, “wordpress theme” to narrow the search results down to the blog service that you are using. The other option is to design your own blog theme with CSS framework & HTML.

When not creating your own theme, it is important to understand the licensing terms assigned to each blog theme style before you move forward in choosing a design template. It might end up that you prefer to create your own blog theme or hire someone to help you. The following are links with information on each blog licensing type.

GNU – General Public License

Attribution Types (Commercial & Non-Commercial)

Here is a list of all Licensing types:

Free Template Site That Tell You Which License Each Blog Holds

If choosing to use WordPress, it is best to host the application on your own domain and hosting account. This is a cost effective option that permits you to make your own WordPress blog (How To Get A Blog). Another option is to register for a free blog service like Blogger or WordPress. The only problem is that you will not own a blog that is created on a free blog service unless it is a movable type. If using, they do offer a large selection of blog theme styles from their website. requires that all of their recommended themes are free and GNU / GPL. Sometimes new blog designers are not aware or ignore this requirement to gain exposure from their templates. As far as I know, they are violating WordPress terms and should be reported. When choosing a free blog theme from WordPress, you want to make sure that it is SEO friendly and flexible for your needs. GNU / GPL is the licensing that you prefer for your blog theme style. Don’t use any that have encryption in the footer code or a stylesheet that states that the theme is licensed other wise. Look for those that do not have a lot of links to other websites in the footer (bottom of the page).

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