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As I browse the web, I am just amazed at how many companies still do not have a website or a blog. When I mention it. They always say the same thing … “Yellow Pages”. I guess that is perfect for those who want to reach the inside of our trash cans. As for the online Yellow Pages, if it wasn’t for AOL, we would rarely see it in the Google search results. That site only launched a few years ago and has always had poor organic placements. Go to Google and type in Pittsburgh Hotels or Pittsburgh Pizza. o organic Yellow Pages listing. Type in Pittsburgh Schools or Pittsburgh Pools and you will see that AOL’s is paying Google for a listing at the top or right hand side of the page (sponsored results). Doesn’t it makes you wonder how much business they are missing by using the Yellow Pages. It is also interesting to see all of the other directories listed where their company should have positions in the organic listings (10 listings on the left hand side of the page). Meanwhile, wouldn’t you prefer to click on a company website over a directory? It just makes shopping easier. In this sense, having a website or blog helps customers connect directly with you instead of having to sift through a list.

You need to have an online presence. This is why your competitors have a website and many small businesses are starting to use blogs. They are extremely cost effective and blogging helps with your search engine promotion, too. With all of the changes this economy demands of your company, blogging organize your business marketing, too.

All it takes is a branded domain name (website address) and good content about your business. Blogging provides phenomenal self branding and Internet marketing advantages for your business. Blogging helps customers keep up with specials and changes via RSS feeds and reading online. Blogging organizes your business because you need to post regularly to receive the most benefit. This keeps your staff accountable and consistent with plans. Your company information and processes change daily (especially in this economy), if you do not have a website that is maintained well, then having a blog is the next best thing … sometimes better.

Blogging organizes your business marketing and helps customers connect with you.

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