Blogging Can Help People Other Than You

I initially launched this blog for sales and offline marketing tips, though changed the focus because most of my business is online. Regardless, it means that this blog had been sitting WITHOUT any new activity and information for others. That is horrible! It totally dropped in traffic and defeated the purpose of helping others get the information they need. I guess you can say this is one of the pros and cons of blogging: blogging can help people other than you, but you have to keep current with it in order to retain seo rankings, traffic, productivity, etc.

On another note, I have been working online for years and thought that I was managing ALL of my time efficiently … yesterday, I found that this can not always be the case. It was one of the most “out of whack” Mondays that I had in months. I would not say that it was a “bad” day, but certainly unorganized. My conversions and lead generation confirmed this was not one of my best.

I let myself get pulled in all types of directions: giving SEO quotes, immediately replying to every Skype contact, answering work at home questions, sorted through tons of email, calls for two people that I have been sponsoring though have not heard from in weeks, Tweets and messages from tour takers, etc. etc. etc.; and my day was extended from not staying on schedule. Meanwhile, I had a ton of questions that I could have simply referred someone to a blog to review had I been more organized about blogging.

It Promotes Organization Of Information & Blogging Helps People Other Than You!

It made me realize that I have become one heck of a juggler, though not a magician. 🙂 Also, that I better update my other blog regularly because some of those questions could have been answered by simply providing them links to posts. I understood more than ever that blogging is not just about marketing, it has many purposes but today’s major lesson was that my blogging can help people other than me. This is not only in obtaining the information they need, but also in becoming independent learners.

Blogging can help people other than you.

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